Wednesday, January 27, 2016

~Release Day Blitz~ Bellissimo Rilascio by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Title: Bellissimo Rilascio
Author: Leigh Ann Lunsford
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
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Blurb: When life’s light got so bright Bianca was blinded, she had to seep into the darkness in order to fight her way back. Surrounded by love so beautiful it was suffocating, she did the only thing she could to release the pain. One night changed the course of her life.

Shrouded in obscurity and difficult decisions she chooses the only person that ever mattered. Desperate to prove herself worthy to those around her she embarks on the path least expected launching into a journey she never anticipated.

With relationships hanging in the balance and uncertainty waiting with batedbreath, Bianca plummets to the depths of despair in hopes of soaring with eagles.

Leigh Ann Lunsford is stay at home mom turned author. She writes Romance/New Adult and loves her happily ever after in all books and movies. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs in Fleming Island, Florida. When she isn’t writing or reading you can find her stuck in front of really bad reality shows or watching Sons of Anarchy. Leigh Ann has a filthy mouth and a huge amount of sarcasm that knows no end. She hopes to give the voices in her head an outlet with many more novels to come. 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

~Chapter Reveal & Blog Hop~ Dawn of Ash by Rebecca Ethington

Title: Dawn of Ash
Author: Rebecca Ethington
Genre: YA Paranormal
Expected Release Date: Feb. 23rd, 2016
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Underneath the deep red barrier Edmund has placed over the city, Prague is in ruins… 

Vilỳ hide in the darkened alleys, waiting to attack anyone who passes, while Edmund’s men roam the blood-soaked streets, scouring every crumbling building in a mad attempt to flush out Ilyan and his men. 

Among the danger, Ilyan and Joclyn are trapped, unable to leave the city. trying to keep their people safe behind a powerful shield, unseen from Edmund and his scouts.

Wyn spends her days haunted by her daughter and watching Thom waste away from the mysterious curse slowly taking him.

Ryland has risen above his father’s control, ready to take his place as his brother’s second. However, Sain needs his help first for a simple assignment, or so he thinks.

Their safety is about to be shattered.

A mole behind those safe, Cathedral walls has begun whispering through the survivors that Joclyn is unstable, that her magic is an uncontainable force that will destroy them all in the end. 

Determined not to let the rumors affect her, Joclyn battles ahead, only to have reality and sight intersect in an explosion that shatters the walls between future, past, and present, leaving her imprisoned in a seamless existence she must learn to control … before Edmund and Ovailia control her.

Before Sain unfurls the plan he has been orchestrating for centuries.

Rebecca Ethington is an internationally bestselling author with almost 700,000 books sold. Her breakout debut, The Imdalind Series, has been featured on bestseller lists since its debut in 2012, reaching thousands of adoring fans worldwide and cited as "Interesting and Intense" by USA Today's Happily Ever After Blog.

From writing horror to romance and creating every sort of magical creature in be-tween, Rebecca's imagination weaves vibrant worlds that transport readers into the pages of her books. Her writing has been described as fresh, original, and groundbreaking, with stories that bend genres and create fantastical worlds.

Born and raised under the lights of a stage, Rebecca has written stories by the ghost light, told them in whispers in dark corridors, and never stopped creating within the pages of a notebook.

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Chapter One – Ilyan

Fifth Hop

For a moment, my heart stopped, scared the délka vedení královsk had been lost, but the long length of ribbon was still wrapped around my wrist, kept safe in the only way I knew how in these situations.
“You said that last week, Risha,” I growled as I destroyed another man, the older gentleman crumpling to the ground like improperly made origami.
“This time, I mean it.”
I clenched my teeth at her determination, jaw tightening as my shoulders did, my temper continuing to rise. I was becoming dangerous.
Another man collapsed at my hand, my magic scurrying in a mad attempt to keep us ahead of the fray, only to freeze as the entirety of the narrow street lit up in a bright yellow blaze. Heat moved over us as the luminescence shone over every lifeless body, every smear of blood, revealing the destruction that Prague had become in ribbons of light that made the dilapidated city all the more frightening.
The light washed over us, waves of iron following behind wrapping around me with the force of a weapon. A weapon that if I didn’t fight would destroy us all, friend and foe.
Grimacing in effort, I broke free of the attack, glittering trails of crimson streaking away from me and toward every one of my people. My scream of exertion ricocheted through the light as my magic broke through the attack, ripping the bands from their bodies, releasing them from the deathly bind.
Heaving, I fell to the ground alongside Edmund’s men. My body weak from the assertion, while Edmund’s deformed army lay, gasping dying breaths, their own attack taking their lives in a slow painful end.
I would rejoice in the luck of such a ploy, but I wasn’t a fool.
I could already hear the wings.
The light would bring more Vilỳs to us, and with no quick escape route, our only chance was to go up right as Vilỳs were coming down. My heart pounded violently as I jumped up, muscles shaking with exertion that I had to ignore.

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