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Spotlight on Solstice by Donna Burgess

By Donna Burgess


On the eve of winter Solstice, a massive flash envelopes the Earth and then there is nothing. The sun no longer shines and civilization is plunged into unending darkness. Those exposed to the mysterious flash have changed—they have become bloodthirsty, cunning, and determined to devour anyone who is not infected. They are Ragers.

In Sweden, a group of uneasy travelers hears a broken broadcast. There is hope. Something called Sanctuary waits, but it is thousands of miles away, somewhere on the shores of the British Isles.

Meanwhile, in a London supermarket, a high school English teacher from the States finds himself stranded along with a handful of students on a senior trip. Outside, hoards of hungry Ragers await, ready to tear them limb from limb. Their only hope is to find Sanctuary.

Solstice is a tale of hope, terror, survival, and finding love at the end of the World.


Tana was disoriented by the complete darkness. It was impossible to decide what time it was—what time it reallywas. She loved the sunrise, so where the hell was it? She was a true sun worshipper, often dragging her boys out into the rays despite their protests about leaving their precious video games. At times, she found even heavy cloud cover jarring. She found the current darkness went well beyond jarring and right into bloody creepy. With no clouds in the sky, stars twinkled like fairy dust.
The similarities to any kind of fairy tale ended there. The world had become mad, and there she was, a single woman alone with two kids, trudging down the street in the freezing cold. She had deadlines to meet. The lack­ of sun and an ill child would not get her out of meeting those deadlines. How would she pay the lease? How would she put food on the table?
The lack of light was an annoyance, at most. It was an eclipse, perhaps. She never paid attention to the news networks. In a while, things would settle back into their normal routine. Aiden had a touch of flu and would have to stay home from school. He was given to serious bouts of flu a couple of times a year.
She would buy a few extra days. Self-employed web designers often begged for time. Well, the poor ones did, anyway. She wasn’t quite poor, at least not yet.
What she wasn’t used to was the inability to get through on her cell phone. She’d tried the pediatrician several times, but each call was answered with the dull beep beep of a dead signal. She wanted to sit down and rest, but the few people who were out acted funny, running back and forth, huffing and grunting. Stopping might draw attention from one of those crazies.
Aidan was small for a six-year-old, but at the moment, he was as heavy as lead. Her bedroom-slippered feet padded along the litter-strewn sidewalks, robe billowing behind her like a cape. Three steps behind, ten-year-old Davis trotted along, dressed in his Chuckie-T sneakers, Spider Man pajamas, and heavy coat.
The lack of electricity was a bigger issue than the lack of sunrise. The apartment would be freezing when they returned. Luckily, the stove was gas, so they could eat, and she could have her coffee. Even the streetlamps were out. The sidewalks were gloomy, and it was beginning to sleet. She wished for some traffic. Headlights to cut the heavy darkness would be a small comfort.
She wasn’t sure what had happened. She’d dozed on the sofa in front of a recorded episode of Being Human and was happily dreaming of becoming Mitchell’s next victim when Davis awakened her. He stood over her with his Luke Skywalker light saber. The pale blue light brightened his small face like an Avatar alien.
“Aiden’s sick, Mummy.”
She sprang to a sitting position. “Sick? Is he throwing up?”
“No. He’s breathing weird. It woke me up. When I looked at him, he looked… scary.”
 “Scary?” Tana’s mouth felt dry. “Were you holding that thing? The blue light makes everything look scary.”
“Just come on, Mum.” Davis took her hand and pulled her from the sofa, down the hallway and toward their bedroom, the light saber a beacon in the shadowy apartment.
Aidan looked worse than scary. A weird burn-like rash ran along the side of his face. Fat, shiny blisters were already forming on his check. Tana touched his forehead and found it alarmingly chilled. He wouldn’t respond when she tried to rouse him. Increasingly panicked, she dialed the family doctor. Nothing. Next, she tried emergency. More nothing.
Her Fiat was in the shop, where it stayed more often than not. There was nothing else to do but take to the street and hope to catch a cab or a bus.
She considered a blackout of the city. How terrible would it be? The looting. The crime. It would be chaos. They’d be safer locked away inside the apartment, but with a sick kid, waiting was not an option.
Outside wasn’t what she expected. There was no chaos, no looting, no raping. There was just… nothing. The feeling of complete aloneness was more chilling than the sleet and the gloom. The crunch of the ice beneath their steps and the clicking of sleet hitting the unmoving cars and the sidewalk were the only sounds aside from the wind and their increasingly labored breathing. Tana’s lips and cheeks became numb, and her teeth chattered.
“Are you okay, Davis?” she asked.
“I’m cold.”
“Me, too, baby. Just keep going. We’ll be there soon.”
Someone screamed, and she flinched, nearly dropping Aiden. A teenaged boy dashed past, sobbing. He wove between a pair of stalled cars, then glanced back at Tana, his eyes wide with horror.
“Hide,” he hissed. Then he was gone.
Tana grabbed Davis’s shoulder and pressed him back against a wall, attempting to vanish into the shadows.
Next, a burly man lumbered into view, wearing a wife beater shirt and dirty, ill-fitting undershorts. No shoes. His big stomach swayed, peeking from beneath the shirt. Drool hung from his parted lips, frozen in mid-drip.
Once the man passed their hiding place, Tana stepped from the shadows and removed the blanket from Aiden’s face. Her stomach tightened. She wanted to cry or to call out for help, but what the hell good would it do?
“Aiden?” She kissed his icy forehead. “Hang in there. Mummy’s going to get help.”
She thought she heard a soft groan. Thank the angels above! He’s wasn’t gone, at least not yet.
“Mummy?” he whispered.
“Yes. Mummy has you.”
Aiden’s eyes slid open, but something was very wrong. His irises were nearly white, the same color as his pallid face. The hollows beneath his eyes were so dark they appeared like deep bruises on his smooth, baby-round face.
Then Aiden, her sweet baby, dropped his head back until his chin pointed to the sky, and he howled. He writhed in her arms until her hold on him loosened, and he slithered to the sidewalk. Davis stepped forward, took her hand, and pressed against her side, trembling. Together, they watched as the boy struggled to free himself from the tangles of the woolen blanket.
Once loose, he stood and glowered at her. He screamed again, and Davis screamed with him.
“Hush, babies. Shh,” Tana cried.
Aiden lunged, spittle spraying from his lips. He bared his teeth and screeched again, shrill and horrifying. Tana stepped backward, pulling her oldest child with her. “Aiden. Calm down, baby!”
Behind the mad child, a slumping figure approached. As the spindly shape drew nearer, Tana realized it was only an elderly man. Dressed in what would have normally been a smart gray suit and tie, he was covered in splattered blood.
“Run, woman! They’re monsters, now!”
Aiden spun, and in a flash, he sprang and was on the stranger. Blood flew, inky in the darkness as Aiden ripped out the man’s throat.
Tana watched for a moment, frozen with shock. Then, she came to her senses, realizing she had to get her other child to safety.
“C’mon. Quickly!” She gripped Davis’s small, cold hand and fled down the street. She didn’t dare look back. The gruesome sounds told her more than she would ever have wanted to know.

A review for Solstice will be posted next week. I must admit that I'm truly excited to read this one. I can never get enough of post-apocalyptic stories. 

A Snippet About our Spotlighted Author

Author Bio:

Donna Burgess lives with her husband, daughter, son, many cats and one goofy Golden Retriever in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. When she is not writing, she can be found on her longboard, behind a good book or on the soccer field. She is the president of E-Volve Books. She holds a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Journalism and is currently pursuing her M.F.A. in Creative Writing.


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Review for Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     As promised, here's my review for Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor which I'm excited to say was a very exciting read. I would definitely recommend picking this one up. Especially if you enjoy vampire books with an eh-em, steamy handsomely lead or two.

Happy Reading!


Story Style: Both Character and Plot Driven

Mihaela is a Romanian vampire hunter. The story begins in Scotland as Mihaela searches for the vampire named Gavin, a Romanian responsible for the death of her family. She'd been searching the world for this vampire for almost twenty years, hate and vengeance as her only emotions, leaving little to no room for much else…especially love. While she’s out following a lead, she stumbles across a young boy, Robbie, being chased by a gang of vampires. Trailing him leads her to the man she came for, but it also introduces her to yet another controversial vampire figure from her past, the rebellious, but handsomely outcast Maximillian.

He returns to his adoptive, but abusive parents. That is until the drunkard rebel vampire with several causes, Maximillian, enters the picture. Apparently in a previous series based on these characters he saved Mihaela from Gavin. This time she has to save his life, something Maximillian thoroughly enjoyed. Soon, the vampire hunters, their enemies, the vampires who belong to the lead vampire, Saloman’s Alliance, and a host of other characters come together, all fighting to save the world from Gavin’s destructive plans.

Maximillian is a vampire with drinking habit. He also sleeps in a lighthouse and draws psychological versions of people in sketches. Due to his past betrayals among the vampire Saloman's Alliance group he's working to rebuild his image and discover himself along the way.  Enter Mihaela, the loner, who was taken in and trained by the vampire hunters at a very early age. She and Maximillian are both psychologically damaged, so they’re attraction to each other is a natural one. But can they work beyond the trust issues in order to fight for the same cause: saving the world from evil vampires with ambitious, but terrible plans for humanity?

**Small spoiler alert**

What I enjoyed:

1. Maximillian the vampire artist. Everything about this character was poetic. From the way he looked to his hobbies to the way he talked about Mihaela. Sentences like this one: "It's rare to find someone who looks more threatened by having her life saved than by the prospect of it being taken." 

2. Mihaela's feelings toward Robbie. (The maternal instinct in me, I guess)

3. Max's lighthouse tomb. Seriously, what vampire has a tomb in an old lighthouse? Very cool.

4. The cool vampire compass that connected supernatural creatures and people through common interests. (You’ll have to read it to understand this one)

5. Max's overall sexiness-I mean the steamy scenes in this one aren't for the faint of heart. But the author handles them with finesse without getting too juvenile with descriptions.
6. The humans in this novel: Elizabeth, Istvan, Konrad, Cyn, and Robbie have some type of supernatural gene which balances out the paranormal aspect so that it doesn't become one-sided and hard to believe.

7. The unique interaction between humans and vampires was different from other stories about vampires that I've read. It added depth and mystery to the overall tone and is part of what kept me turning the pages at 1:30a.m. 

9. This was a book that I couldn't put down and that's not something that happens to me as often as it used to due to a cluttered schedule. 

What I didn't enjoy:

1.   Max leaving Mihaela for what he considered to be her own sake...aka douche alert.

2. Mihaela's fickle characteristics. One minute she's tough as nails, the very next second almost, she's putty in the hands of her enemy. She confused me a bit at times. For her age she was very angsty almost as if she were a teenager. By the end of the novel, she makes up for it though. The author does a fine job portraying her growth in my opinion.

Overall, Blood Guilt worked very well for me because I'm not generally a fan of vampire books. But a well written and intriguing storyline will pull me in and hold me through to the end. And that's what Ms. Treanor's story did. There were exotic locales, memorable characters, intriguing lead vampires, a satisfying ending, and just enough steam factor between the two main characters to keep the story exciting. I'd recommend this to any paranormal romance fan and even those readers like me who usually lean toward angel books.

Well done Ms. Treanor. My rating: 4 wings. 

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#Tipsy Tuesday...Please help!

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

What's up with that title that looks like a twitter tag, right? LOL

Well, I've decided to do something completely different today and bring you some news on a few changes to the Seraphine Muse. Wednesdays will now become review days. I have ventured off to visit some of your blogs. I must say you all are really slick with making names for your days. Cool names like Waiting on Wednesday, etc. So that is the purpose of this post. I'm asking for some help in thinking of a cool name for my review day on Wednesdays.

My poor brain is frazzled. My fingernails and cuticles are chewed down to the nub. In fact, my doctor said if I don't stop chewing on them, then she's going to make me wear band aids on my fingers. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I've already tried that. It didn't work. :-D

Fridays are a different story. Frazzled Friday! That name hit me like a rock one day. I'm so happy about that one. Maybe you'll come out and participate with me. I always comment back if I have your blog location in my list. I'm dedicating Frazzled Fridays to books I'm reading and cool new titles I stumbled across, yada yada. How did I come up with that name? Who isn't frazzled on the weekend, the loveliest and bestest time to find a cool new read. (Nope, bestest is not a word. Please don't tell my editors)

I'd love to get to know all of you who are regular participants in my contests. And other visitors are welcome to join in the fun too. I love blogging and I'm so thankful to have you all as my reading friends.

Now...please help! What can I call my review day on Wednesday?


P.S. Cool books I'm reading right now...


Very good if you're into movies like Immortals and Clash of the Titans.

I'm not a vampire book fan. But every now and then I find one that changes my mind on that stand. This is one of those books. Good if you like a touch of Fifty Shades with your vampiric paranormal romance.


Don't let the humble little cover fool you. This is a great book. One that combines history with both sci-fi and fantasy. And of course...romance. Ahh. Plus, it's written in a male's POV. I love that! Good if you enjoy time travel books with romantic elements.

That's All Folks!

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Promotional Spotlight on Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     Today I'm excited to present to you the promotional spotlight on Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor, a paranormal romance about a vampire hunting seeking vengeance for her family's death. This is a fantastic read. A full review will be posted this Wednesday for the Seraphine Muse's new Reviews On Wednesday feature. So please stop by and check out my summary of the adventure Ms. Treanor's intriguing novel has taken me on over the past few days. In the meantime, please enjoy this spotlight post that includes and excerpt and a tidbit about the author. Happy Reading!


(Blood Hunters, Book 1)
By Marie Treanor
eBook coming 5th June 2012

The first of a new vampire romance series, a sequel to the Awakened by Blood trilogy.

Natural enemies, deadly attraction…

Mihaela, a fearless vampire hunter secretly haunted by loneliness and childhood tragedy, finds it difficult to adjust to the new world order where vampires are not always the bad guys. She's taking a much needed vacation in Scotland when she sees a little boy being chased through the streets of Edinburgh. Rescuing him brings bigger problems - two vampires from her past: Gavril, who killed her family; and the reclusive and troubled Maximilian, gifted Renaissance artist and one-time overlord of the most powerful undead community in the world. Maximilian once saved her life and now needs that favor returned.

The earth moves for Mihaela in more ways than one. From Scotland to Budapest and Malta, she  races against time to prevent a disastrous, vampire-induced earthquake and save an innocent yet powerful child – all while fighting a dreadful attraction to Maximilian, her only ally, whom she can’t afford to trust. For Maximilian, the hunter becomes a symbol of renewed existence, as he struggles to accept his past and rediscovers his appetite for blood and sex - and maybe even happiness.

Excerpt from Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

(Here, Maximilian is dying from loss of blood after a drunken fight, and Mihaela has made a deal with him: her blood in return for his help…)

He lay perfectly still, watching her every move. Despite his tattered, modern clothes, he looked like some decadent, talented Renaissance youth. Which he probably had been.

Mihaela sank onto the bed beside him, and, willing her hand not to shake, she placed the point of the stake over his heart. Still, he didn’t move. It was possible that he couldn’t.

“I’ve killed many vampires,” she warned him, and wished her voice didn’t sound so husky.

A spark of humor, so faint as to be almost indistinguishable, lightened his pain-wracked eyes. “Then you have another advantage. I’ve never killed a hunter.”

Watching him for any sign of sudden attack, she leaned slowly over him, angling her head to offer him her throat. As his face disappeared from her vision, her tingling skin seemed to grow tighter. Since he had no breath, there was no warning before he touched her throat. She couldn’t suppress her gasp or her jerk of surprise. But still he didn’t move, just waited for her to settle and return to the same position. Again, his cool lips touched her neck. Shards of fear sprayed outward to every nerve-ending she possessed. At least she called it fear, because even that was easier to bear.

Tensing even further, she curled her fingers into a fist, around the air, around the stake, and waited for the pain of his bite.

Concentrate on the stake. It’s all that could save your life. Her neck prickled with sensation. It was his tongue, licking over her vein.

Oh Jesus Christ, help me…

“It will numb the pain,” he said unexpectedly, and the movement of his lips against her skin made her shudder. She managed to nod, and then his lips closed more strongly, like a lover’s kiss.

Do you want more? Then hurry up and pick up your copy today. (Buy links at the end of the post) You'll be glad you did. Be sure to come back this Wednesday 6/27 to check out my review of this exciting story. 

Author Bio:

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie Treanor has published more than twenty ebooks with small presses, (Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Changeling Press and The Wild Rose Press), including a former Kindle bestseller, Killing JoeBlood on Silk: an Awakened by Blood novel, was her New York debut with NAL.

Purchase Blood Guilt at: 

Blog: Marie Treanor's Romantic Theme Party: 

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Release Day Blitz! Blood Jewel by Georgia Cates

Blood Jewel 
by Georgia Cates

With the mystery of Chansey Leclaire and Curry Brennan’s connection solved, they are free to explore their newfound love for one another. Or so they thought...

When Marsala uses a witch and black magic to discover Curry’s whereabouts, he and Chansey are left with no choice. The newly engaged couple is forced to relocate away from their families at the new compound in Savannah, which causes some major changes in the plans for their upcoming wedding.

Relocating to Savannah might have saved Curry and Chansey from being discovered by Marsala, but it doesn’t stop her attempts to reach Curry or her efforts to harm Chansey through the use of black magic. As Marsala closes in, Curry faces the decision he never wanted to make. Will he keep Chansey human or condemn her to eternity as the thing he hates most? 

As Curry waits for his hand to be forced, a newly turned vampire arrives at the Savannah compound in need of help. Not only is she a fledgeling in transition, she brings reports of escaping from a vampire cult still in possession of her sister, a human. Any attempt to save the captive human from a cult of vampires puts everyone in jeopardy. Can they risk entering a large cult to save one human being? And is so, how could they possibly do it successfully?

Love will grow. New mysteries will arise. A battle will ensue. A Blood Jewel will be found.

A Teaser for What's Inside this Intriguing Novel...

Blood Jewel Excerpt-
Many exciting changes had occurred over the past couple of days. Although Chansey accepted my marriage proposal, she still didn’t know a lot about the world of vampires and there was much she needed to learn. “Do you think you would feel comfortable joining the others for dinner tonight? If you are going to live in a house of vampires you will need to become accustomed to the sight of blood drinking.”
She swallowed hard. “Where do they get the blood?”
“There is a community of humans called Black Swans that know about us and support our cause. Some of the Black Swans choose to become Blood Swans, which means they freely give of their blood supply for our sustenance.”
She looked thoughtful and asked, “Do you bite the Blood Swans?”
“I’m sure there are Blood Swans that would like to be bitten, but we do not drink directly from them. There are humans that allow themselves to be bitten, but we discourage it because it is too easy to lose control. There are groups of humans called Seekers that desire the company of vampires and wish to be turned. Seekers willingly allow vampires to bite them as a way of being introduced into the community. Then, there are also Blood Dolls. They enjoy and are addicted to the act of being bitten because of the umm...ecstasy they receive from it. They refer to the pleasure of the bite as The Kiss.”
“Have you ever bitten a Blood Doll?”
My answer was not going to please her. “We have all had a Blood Doll at some point in our existence, but it was a very long time ago.”
The angry versus jealous expression on her face told me she didn’t appreciate my honest answer. “How many have you had?”
I looked to the ground for help, but found none. “Only one.”
“What was her name?”she asked, jealously.
“Her name was Luciana and our relationship meant nothing. It can’t really even be considered a relationship. I drank from her. There was nothing romantic between us because it isn’t like that for vampires. The only thing we feel romantic about is the blood we crave. And our Agápes,” I explained.
Her hands went to her hips. Uh oh. Not a great sign for me. “Did your relationship with her last a long time?”
I was probably about to shoot myself in the foot or cause her to shoot me. “Depends on what you consider a long time.”
She was becoming aggravated with my vague answers and slightly raised her voice as she interrogated further. “Please, answer the question that you are avoiding. How long was Luciana your Blood Doll?”
“A little more than two years,” I admitted. Although two years was nothing for a vampire, it was rather significant in the life of a human and I knew by the look on her face that my answer didn’t sit well with her.
She became silenced by my unintentional hurtful admission. Now, she looked at the ground in search of the right words. The silence surrounding us emphasized the beat of her rapid heart before she finally continued, “What ended your relationship with Luciana?”
“She thought she loved me. I failed to convince her that it was the result of The Kiss she loved, so I ended all contact with her.”
Chansey took a deep breath. “What happened to her?” she asked.
“She found another vampire to feed on her and he eventually turned her.”
This hole I was digging was getting deeper with each question I answered. Chansey took the stance I had unfortunately become quite familiar with when she shifted her weight over to one leg. “Incredible! There’s a second vampire out there somewhere that’s convinced she’s in love with you? You are quite the lady’s man, aren’t you?”
“Luciana is a vampire, but she is not in love with me. She’s a vampire in love with the blood she drinks,” I clarified.
“Vampires have romantic relationships with other vampires, so how do you know she isn’t still in love with you?”
“She just isn’t,” I argued.
I reached for her arm and she stepped out of my reach. “But, how do you know, Curry?” she insisted.
“I’ve seen her since she was turned and she isn’t interested. Nor am I. I was never interested in her for any reason other than using her for blood when she was human.”
I cheated and used my vampire speed to catch her before she could pull away from me again. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head as I pleaded, “You are the only one I have ever loved in my human life or in my years as a vampire. The only one. Ever.”
She finally returned my embrace and said, “I’m sorry. I know I must look like a jealous fool.”
I certainly couldn't fault her for feelings she couldn’t control. “I understand because I have experienced some jealousy issues when it comes to your admirers.”
“I don’t have admirers,” she argued.
“It certainly looks like it to me, but why don’t we just call all of it water under the bridge?” I suggested.
“I think I can agree to that and my answer is ‘yes’ to your earlier question. I would love to join you and your family for dinner tonight. Make mine AB negative,” she laughed.
“My, Miss Leclaire. You have a choosy palate. AB negative is the sweetest and most difficult to come by.”
“It’s good to know I’m sweet and in high demand,” she said as she walked her fingers up my chest.
“Your blood type is AB negative?”
“All day and all night long,” she laughed.
I wouldn’t have guessed that from when I tasted her, but I only had a few drops. Maybe it was the Agápe bond throwing it off or maybe I just didn’t have enough to be able to tell. “Chansey, don’t tell anyone that. Always keep that to yourself.”

About the Author:

I reside in rural Mississippi with my wonderful husband, Jeff, and our two beautiful daughters.

I spent thirteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an author.

Blood of Anteros, Book One in The Vampire Agápe Series, was my first novel and it was released in September 2011.

I decided to step away from the paranormal genre to try my hand at a young adult romance and I loved it. It was so much fun, I plan to do it again in the near future.  


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Interview with Patti Roberts: Author of the Paradox Series

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

 Today we continue with our spotlight on the Paradox Series by talented and beautiful author Patti Roberts. If you haven't already met Patti somewhere along your cyber travels, then today we're offering you a chance to do so. She has taken time out from her busy schedule to share some of her experiences during her writing career. So now we'll jump right into the interview.

Also, don't forget to enter for a chance to be one of 3 lucky winners of the Paradox Epic Swag Package located under the spotlight tab above. Enjoy!

A Little Snippet About our Spotlighted Author

I love the Medieval/fantasy genre so on any given day you can usually find me sitting at my desk in front of my laptop pounding away at the keys writing another chapter in the Paradox series. That would be a run of the mill kinda day for me! Bringing epic worlds - the Ancient and the new to life...

A packet of Cruskits and a water bottle, that is now at room temperature, is sitting on the desk beside me. There is also a mass of USB cables, my kindle, notepads, bills to be paid, bills to be filed and a printer that is forever running out of ink. Sound familiar?

In front of me, apart from the obvious laptop (Acer), are three cork boards featuring pin ups of my characters faces and characteristics including eye colour, hair colour, age, height, ability....etc etc.

On most days I have to remind myself to eat and drink. I Should be thinner!!!

Are you ready to hear more about Patti Roberts?

When did you first realize you first wanted to be a writer?

After I finished and published book 1. Paradox – The Angels Are Here.  What started of as therapy (the broken heart kind of therapy) has turned into a brand new career path.  And I have loved every minute of it.

As the Author of the Paradox Trilogy, can you tell us what is difficult about writing a trilogy?

Time, nothing more. I wish there were more hours in the day! I wish I had a fulltime house cleaner, gardener and cook! The bathing and eating I am still happy to do myself J

Where do you get information or ideas for your books?

Imagination – definitely dreams. I have also been inspired by movies, TV series and other authors.  My current hero in the writing realm is George R. R.  Martin – The author of Game Of Thrones.  I love his world building and huge cast of awesome characters. It is impossible to pick just one favorite character.  I have four.

Social media has taken the internet by storm, and you do a fantastic job at utilizing all the web has to offer, what advise can you offer new authors on how to use the internet as a tool for promoting their work?

Facebook, Goodreads and twitter is a must! Along with 20 hour days. There is as much time spent marketing – it not more – as there is writing. And a blog. Blogs are also very handy for communicating with the public that will hopefully become your readers.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

What? Okay seriously… Research. And the best research – homework – a writer can do to get better is to read, read, read. And read some more. If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write… I think Stephen King said that somewhere - and he couldn’t be more right about that. And who am I to question one of the great writers of our time.

There are so many fantastic characters in our Paradox Series, do you have a favorite one and if so why?

Oh, that is like asking a mother who her favorite child is… But they are not my children so no ones feelings are going to get hurt. I REALLY love the evil characters. Abaddon, Pandora, Theria, Lyssa and Caleb from the first 2 books.  Book 3, Bound By Blood, introduces you to many more, like Weasel and Lord Grigori and his sons Grig and Orian. Book 3 also introduces you to the 3 Ancients – 3 wise men. I really like the part they will play… they are good guys though.

Can you share a bit about what you are working on currently?

Bound By Blood – book 3. I have to have this one ready by October. I am also doing some rewrites on book 1 [The Angels Are Here] after a wonderful friend – Ella Medler – edited it for me. I can’t wait to republish that one this week with its brand new cover!

What do you think makes a good story?

Different things appeal to different people. I personally like a story that holds back, makes you think. Makes you search for the answers and leaves you wanting more. I like it when I have read a book that leaves me hanging and thinking, noooo - crap, I have to have more right now…. Some people like to have all the answers tied up in a nice neat bundle when they finish a book – I’m not one of those people. I promise that none of my books will ever end like that! I enjoy leaving a reader hanging. Sorry.

How many books have you written, and which is your favorite?

I’ve written two books in the Paradox Series and number 2 is my favorite… but not for much longer.  Book 3 is going to even better still. And then there is book 4…

What is one of the most surprising things you have learned in creating your books?

Like the universe – there is no end in sight anytime soon.  Another would be how characters, even the ones you didn’t think would amount to much, just take over, to become GREAT characters. That really surprises me. It’s like watching a star being born. And you just think, wow, I never saw that coming.

Click here to watch the video and enter for a chance to win the following prize:

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Welcome to the MidSummer's Eve Blog Hop

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     Welcome to the Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader Not a Writer and Uniquely Moi Books. This time, our theme centers around summer...what else? LoL For me, summer brings to mind romance and with that being said, I'd like to keep this giveaway simple and focused on what makes the season so special. More romance, of course. :-D

    This time, one lucky winner will get to choose an ebook of their choice worth up to $4.99 in value. It can be from either Barnes&Noble, Amazon, or Smashwords. Yes, choices are wonderful things. As with mostly all of my contests, this one is open internationally! So have fun answering the trivia question and thanks so much for visiting and participating at the Seraphine Muse today.

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Introducing the Realm of the Paradox Series by Patti Roberts

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     I am very delighted to introduce this week's spotlight and contest. We are celebrating the re-release of the Paradox Series: the Angels Are Here Book 1 by super talented author Patti Roberts. For the next four days, Ms. Roberts has agreed to take us into her fabulous world of the Fallen Angels. There will be interviews, excerpts, book trailers, a sneak preview of her newest release: Bound by Blood and a contest!

Without further hesitation, I'd like to reveal the gorgeous new cover to the newly re-edited and expanded version of Book 1: The Angels are Here.

Cover Reveal for Paradox: the Angels are Here Book 1 by Patti Roberts

My name is Juliette.   Nine hundred years ago, I died.  Today, I am alive...

The Ancient World - This is not a story about Vampires. However, we are talking about a
predatory being that existed long before the word Vampire was ever
whispered... the real monsters behind the legendary Vampire myths that
reigned in Ancient times. They were a race of Fallen Angels called

The New World - Grace is a little girl struggling to understand the catastrophic events that are forcing their way into her otherwise seemingly normal, if not sometimes, strange world. Haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away.

Disaster strikes, and she finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief as she painfully witnesses her mother slowly being torn away from her.

A journey crossing Two Worlds. One Ancient - One New.  How do the
heartbreaking visions experienced by a little girl fit into this Ancient
World of Angels, Myth & Legend?

Grace's story will indeed leave you asking... Who, When, Where? WHAT!

Book 2. Progeny Of Innocence. Grace is not a little girl anymore!

Discover more about the Paradox Series here -

Would You Like to See More?

Chapter 8—Kali and Bongo

It was a cold wretched Sunday morning in June when Grace woke to yet another wet colorless day. It had been raining consistently for weeks without any hint that a change was drawing any nearer. Grace felt agitated by the smothering grey sadness that had shadowed her constantly since her father’s death.
She decided that she had had enough of her miserable existence behind the cold steel bars of grief. And that it was up to her alone to make the necessary changes to rectify this problem.
She pushed the blankets away and swung her legs enthusiastically over the edge of her bed. Her pathetic life, coupled with the gloomy weather, had become too depressing and predictable.
But something was already a little different about this morning, Grace sensed, with a hint of trepidation. She frowned when her stomach growled. She felt, something she hadn’t felt for a while. Really, really hungry, with an unyielding urge to find food and eat.
Grace felt instantaneously sick with hunger as she stood; her legs trembled uncontrollably. She crouched down onto her haunches to steady herself and grasped her stomach. She looked up toward the ceiling that started to vibrate and blur. Snowy white dots, like a television that had just gone off the air, filled her vision. 
“Oh no, not again,” she whispered in a frightened voice just before her legs gave way and she collapsed on her bedroom floor.

As Grace’s eyelids flutter close and her mind drifts into a fitful dream, my own eyes open and I realize that I am not the Juliette that I remember, but a younger girl from an earlier time and place.
My mouth and tongue are parched, devoid of saliva, and it hurts when I try to swallow. My lips are dehydrated, cracked and resemble an old worn-out brown leather belt.  A kitten meows on the ground beside my filthy bare feet.
“Bonga?” I say in a small raspy voice as I reach down to stroke the skeletal animal. I study my hand; it is bony, like it doesn't belong to me. I try to rub mud off my hand with equally dirty fingers. I gasp when I realize that it isn’t dirt that coats my body.
I search my memory for answers and realize that I have returned to Bengal, and it is 1769. I am re-experiencing the wretched suffering of myself as an eleven-year-old brown-skinned girl. An obnoxious stink assaults my nostrils, making me gag. I don’t smell good. Nothing, in fact, smells good. The soiled walls surrounding me emit a foul-smelling stench of excrement, urine and rotting flesh. I cover my nose and mouth with my grubby hand, but it doesn't help.
“Kali, stay here with your mother, I will return with food by nightfall,” a man says to me in a foreign language that somehow I understand.
I nod obediently. Maybe tonight he would bring home a rat and we would eat like kings. He is tall, softly spoken, and rakish thin, dressed in rags. Starvation has robbed him of his looks and his strength, leaving him haggard and defeated. Only the love and devotion he feels for our family keeps him alive, day after day. I know this truth about him, and it makes me love him even more. My heart is bursting at the seams with love, my stomach bloated but empty.
I remember a time, not that long ago, that he was handsome, strong, well-dressed and wealthy for a man of his station in life. A prosperous and respected merchant trader, trading in textiles, tea and exotic spices throughout India and foreign lands. We had wanted for nothing.
I watch him now as he prepares to leave; intuitively, I know that I will never see this man again and it saddens me. A dirty tear runs slowly down and over my protruding cheekbone.
“Goodbye, Father,” I say weakly to his retreating back. “I love you.” He doesn’t hear me, the bustling noise outside has already swallowed him up whole.
My kitten Bonga shrieks loudly in protest behind me. I spin around in time to see a girl snatch the kitten up from the floor by its oversized head. The girl snarls and threatens me with her wild yellow eyes, her teeth bared. In one swift movement, she twists the kitten’s scrawny neck, breaking it. It dangles silently in her hands as the girl turns and flees quickly out into the dirty alleyway. My kitten, Bonga, will be an appetizing meal for four this evening.
A woman’s voice behind me says, “Kali, come.”
This woman who summons me, I know instinctively, is my mother. My heart swells with unbounded love for her. She is lying on dirty rags on the floor and looks like a beautiful skeleton draped in satiny brown skin. By nightfall I know my mother will be dead, and I will be alone in this place.
So would ten million other men, women, and children. They will starve to death during one of the worst famines in history during the 17th century. It will happen again.
I lay down beside my mother and close my eyes. I pray for a quick walk through the valley of the shadow of death. The Gods smile down upon my mother and me this night. We do not have to wait long before the child-like Angel with her crystal clear blue eyes and long flowing red hair that shines as though it is on fire, holds our hands and walks us home to a beautiful place far from here.

Grace slowly blinked and opened her eyes; she was lying on the carpeted floor in her familiar bedroom. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and thought about the thin brown-skinned girl, Kali, with her bloated tummy and her parents. They were all dead now; their brown bodies had decayed into the parched cracked earth over three hundred years ago. She thought about Bonga, the Bengali kitten, dangling from the hands of the yellow-eyed girl, its neck limp and broken.
Grace rubbed her eyes to erase the brutal images and memories floating in her mind. The dreams and visions that Grace had experienced from an early age were occurring more frequently now. The visions and dreams that had once dissolved as quickly as they had manifested now started to linger a little longer in her memory.
I need to eat, Grace thought to herself standing slowly, her legs still trembling.
She inspected herself carefully in the mirror from head to toe. She pushed the long flannel sleeve up to her elbow, examining the color of her skin. She was clean, white, she was back — she was Grace. 

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     It's that time again. You guessed it. Giveaway time! This time I'm clearing out some space on my shelves (both real and virtual) along with other bloggers participating in the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not a Writer.
There will be TWO WINNERS (One domestic & one International)! If you're in the United State then you'll receive a signed paperback copy of my debut novel When Copper Suns Fall's First Edition along with 2 other surprise books if the rafflecopter genies choose you. If you're international then you'll receive the ebook version of WCSF along with 2 other surprise ebooks.

So you know what to do. Fill out the rafflecopter found below the book descriptions and have fun visiting the Seraphine Muse!

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