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Spotlight on LM Preston's Release Day Party Guest Host Lindsey Sablowski

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

    As I prepare for a huge weekend to celebrate the re-release of the Lost Immortals and LM Preston's party on facebook, I want to take time to say thank you for supporting me over these past nine months since I began my journey as an indie author. The support of my bloggers, readers, and all the many new friends that I've made humbles me. As a result, I strive to do the best work I can for all of you.

     Finally, Dark Seraphine's release date has been moved up to October 16th. I've already received many many emails asking about it and wanted you all to know. No worries. You have the newly supercharged Lost Immortals to keep you entertained until then. Big Smile.

     Now on to our guest post for the day. Author Lindsey Sablowski answers a few questions about her book Cursed With Power. Check her segment out at the party this weekend!

4 Questions from Author Lindsey Sablowksi about her book 

Cursed with Power.

First off I want to thank KaSonndra for letting me stop by her blog! Secondly, a huge thank you to the mastermind behind this blog tour and talented author of The Pack-Retribution, Lm Preston.

1. Team Alaire or Team Leal?  And have you decided who Celestria will choose?

I’m all for Team Alaire.  There aren’t enough guys like him in the world today, and it’s nice to know that somewhere out there a guy has a woman’s best interests at heart.  However, as for Celestria’s choice... That’s a secret I can’t tell.  I mean I could tell you, but then Celestria would kill me.  You’ll have to read the books to find out!

2. Was Cursed With Power your first book that you tried to get published? Are you glad this is the first book that is starting your career?

Actually no, Cursed With Power wasn’t the first book.  My first book was The Magic of Light, which I spent four years querying agents and publishers about.  While I loved and will always love the characters in the book, it honestly isn’t something that would have ever been picked up by a publisher.  The book wasn’t all that unique; it was a story about magic, and unfortunately it was a difficult one to keep up with considering the overwhelming amount of characters.  I don’t regret writing that book or spending four years with it because it taught me a lot, but alas it isn’t something that will ever leave my shelf and arrive in a bookstore near you.

I am very pleased that Cursed With Power ended up being my first published book. I always wanted a book that I felt would represent me and start my career off well, and this book I honestly dedicated all my time and focus into.  I spent hours of the night and early morning bolting out words, and in the end I’m so grateful that Old Line took a chance on me and the book so that at last we have a home. More importantly, I’m glad Celestria and the others finally are able to tell their story to the world.

3. What makes Cursed With Power unique or different from other fantasy books on today’s market?

Cursed With Power is unique because it isn’t focusing solely on “good magic vs bad magic.”  These “Dark” magicians we always hear about in fantasy, and whether they’re named evil wizards, dark sorceresses, or dark magicians, they unfortunately have always been looked at as the antagonists.
This story twists that.  Celestria narrates the story, and readers are going to discover that when you’re reading from a Dark magician’s point of view everything isn’t quite as we always thought it seemed.  You’re going to see the magical world in its entirety -and that is both in fantastical and dark ways.  Perhaps the greatest part of this is that the readers have the choice to decide for themselves who the real antagonist is.

4. What is the sequel of Cursed With Power about and when can we expect to read it?

The upcoming sequel is titled Punished With Destiny. Since CWP is part of the Magicians series, there will be five books in total -each one being told from a different perspective.  This time the story focuses on Leal Irvine (whom you meet in Cursed With Power), but now we are finally able to see into his life.  You’ll see sides of him Celestria didn’t see, and interestingly enough, the book is split into two parts. The first part is a year before Leal and Celestria met, giving readers an opportunity to see Leal’s involvement in Destin. This will also be the first physical appearance of Esmour, Destin’s leader. Esmour is mentioned throughout the first book, but now we finally meet the man behind the legacy he left behind.
As for part two, that will start off from where Cursed With Power ended.

In the first book, Leal said, “I’m sick of playing nice.” Now it’s time for us to find out why. Who is this handsome young man, and why does he carry the burden of so many secrets? We’ll be entering into the journey again to see who will make it out alive.

As for when to expect the book, I plan on finishing it in six months and sending it to my publisher.  March 2013 doesn’t seem that far away, but it’s a plan I’m dedicated to working toward.

To read more about Alaire, Celestria, and Leal on their journey for survival in Cursed With Power, visit my personal blog:

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