Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hollywood Tweet Month at the Seraphine Muse

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,    

     I'm so excited about the month of September. Hollywood Tweet will be spotlighting both me and a gang of my blogger friends. There will be more exciting events happening on this blog than ever before. But the fun doesn't stop here at this blog. No siree! Across the globe, there'll be giveaways, guest posts, the release of my short story Nikolai, and the cover reveal for the Lost Immortals (more on that later in the post).

     Someone asked me how do I keep up with all of this? I told them that I don't. I have a gang of bloggers and friends that help me do all of this. There's no way I can ever say that my career is based on my own merits alone. Nah. Small indie presses such as mine survive because we have great people standing behind us. With that being said, I want to introduce the first of three great events happening this month.

    First up there's a spotlight going on at Hollywood Tweet this month. But this isn't only about me and my books though. There'll also be bloggers featured each week! That's right! The people who do all of the hard work to make sure we get great books into our hands will get the chance to be interviewed. Keep a watch out for posts regarding these spotlighted dates. Also, you get to find out about my alter ego. A hint: I have a musical side that I've been keeping under wraps. :-D

    The Pledged spotlight starts this week. I'll be reading and reviewing Gwynneth White's exciting novel that released today. And then beginning on 9/3 we'll be spotlighting something fun from the novel everyday.You can purchase Pledged at:

    Next the cover reveal for the Lost Immortals (the rebooted version of When Copper Suns Fall) that has been designed by award winning photographer Michelle Monique (Andrea Cremer's Rift and Nancy Holder) will happen on September 11th at Young Adult Teen Reads ( This newly edited version done by the fabulous team at PWL Editing Services will contain the first chapter of the sequel When Silver Moons Rise (December 6th).  For now, the novel has been taken down and will be available to purchase again on 9/11. Please spread the word to your readers for me.

     That's it for now. Keep an eye out for the listing of the winners for the Hacienda Moon Launch DAy Giveaway (awaiting confirmation from the Intl. winner). There'll also be more giveaways hosted on other sites listed on separate pages. Thank you all for being so supportive. All of you have truly made this journey incredibly fun in spite of the numerous challenges! LoL

Yours in Prose,



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