Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#Tipsy Tuesday Blabber: Hacienda Moon

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

     "Sometimes the darkest soul can have the brightest heart of all..."

     Today I'd like to blab about my upcoming release, Hacienda Moon, a gothic paranormal romance. More specifically, I'd like to talk about how I feel about finishing it.

     Last night my editor returned my final edited copy to me. Being the super-eccentric word "imagineer" that she is, I was happy to see a little note at the end that basically said she was impressed. High five! This editor isn't all that easy to impress, so I did a little happy jig. Along with her approval came some critical praise. She mentioned how much my writing had improved since my last book and other little tidbits. We even joked through the process (she notices everything) and posted some eh-em funny pics on facebook. Meanwhile, my readers, reviewers, and fans have been sending me notes dying to know when this one will be released. It's a super amazing, but humbling experience, this indie journey has been.

     On July 28th, Hacienda Moon will be released. The genre is one that has been making a comeback throughout the years...gothic romance. More specifically, southern gothic romance with a paranormal twist. How did I fall in love with this intriguing genre? I took a class a few years back with Professor Potter (Yep! I told you I'd tell them about this one day). He made reading classic gothic romance novels such as: the Castle of Otranto, the Italian, the Mysteries of Udolpho, and my favorite, the Monk by Matthew Lewis, a ton of fun. And then, I tapped into that sleeping part of my brain known as the "what if..." lobe. (Don't google it. There's no such thing, okay) And the bones for Hacienda Moon was born. The challenge was to bring a modern day twist to it.

     That was four years ago. I take writing my novels seriously. The KaSonndraLeigh team has been working hard on this one while people all over the world discuss When Copper Suns Fall. Thank you all for slamming that one on to the bestsellers list. Again, you humble me with your support. I'll be touring with Hacienda Moon. I'm looking forward to this tour because the content will be based on posts that make this genre so special to me. I hope you enjoy it and that you spread the word and tell your friends. I heart all of you dearly.

Yours in Prose,


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