Friday, July 13, 2012

M/G/W's 1 Year Book Blog Anniversary

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

      Today I want to say congratulations to one of the first bloggers that reviewed my debut novel When Copper Suns Fall. Her name is Diayll Sales and she runs Mom/Gamer/Writer. She does a most excellent job too, let me add. A little over six months ago, I set out to publish When Copper Suns Fall under my own imprint. Was I scared? Beyond words. Were people cruel? Of course. Sometimes people enjoy being mean. Would I be willing to do it again? YES! Are you out of your mind? Not quite yet, LOL. 

     The point behind the twenty questions is this: I met some terrific bloggers such as Diayll Sales along the way. Many of these people are now my good friends. And the indie world as I knew it changed. She took on When Copper Suns Fall and even spotlighted me on her awesome blog. I was very happy to assist her with sponsoring her 1-year anniversary. She's worked hard and deserves it. Plus, I wanted you all to have the chance to cash in on the awesome epic giveaway she has going on. Take a peek at the picture above so you can get an idea. If you'd like to read up on Diayll's journey, then click this link: and then enter the contests while you're there!

     Now, back to writing/editing/procrastinating before Diayll hunts me down. I owe her a couple of review copies for some upcoming releases. Shhh. :-D

Your in Prose,


Amber Garcia said...
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Diayll Sales said...

HAHAHAHA! I Love you lady! Thanks for being not only an awesome author but a terrific friend (oh and fellow North Carolinian). Many thanks!!!

Diayll - Mother/Gamer/Writer

Gimmie those copies! hehe (just kidding)

KaSonndra Leigh said...

You're so very welcome. You need to keep sending those southern ice tea recipes over twitter too. hehe

LoveNBigCountryHugz to you,

P.S. Working hard to get those copies out. LOL

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