Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#Tipsy Tuesday...Please help!

Hello Muses and Fallen Friends,

What's up with that title that looks like a twitter tag, right? LOL

Well, I've decided to do something completely different today and bring you some news on a few changes to the Seraphine Muse. Wednesdays will now become review days. I have ventured off to visit some of your blogs. I must say you all are really slick with making names for your days. Cool names like Waiting on Wednesday, etc. So that is the purpose of this post. I'm asking for some help in thinking of a cool name for my review day on Wednesdays.

My poor brain is frazzled. My fingernails and cuticles are chewed down to the nub. In fact, my doctor said if I don't stop chewing on them, then she's going to make me wear band aids on my fingers. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I've already tried that. It didn't work. :-D

Fridays are a different story. Frazzled Friday! That name hit me like a rock one day. I'm so happy about that one. Maybe you'll come out and participate with me. I always comment back if I have your blog location in my list. I'm dedicating Frazzled Fridays to books I'm reading and cool new titles I stumbled across, yada yada. How did I come up with that name? Who isn't frazzled on the weekend, the loveliest and bestest time to find a cool new read. (Nope, bestest is not a word. Please don't tell my editors)

I'd love to get to know all of you who are regular participants in my contests. And other visitors are welcome to join in the fun too. I love blogging and I'm so thankful to have you all as my reading friends.

Now...please help! What can I call my review day on Wednesday?


P.S. Cool books I'm reading right now...


Very good if you're into movies like Immortals and Clash of the Titans.

I'm not a vampire book fan. But every now and then I find one that changes my mind on that stand. This is one of those books. Good if you like a touch of Fifty Shades with your vampiric paranormal romance.


Don't let the humble little cover fool you. This is a great book. One that combines history with both sci-fi and fantasy. And of course...romance. Ahh. Plus, it's written in a male's POV. I love that! Good if you enjoy time travel books with romantic elements.

That's All Folks!


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