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Review for Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor

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     As promised, here's my review for Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor which I'm excited to say was a very exciting read. I would definitely recommend picking this one up. Especially if you enjoy vampire books with an eh-em, steamy handsomely lead or two.

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Story Style: Both Character and Plot Driven

Mihaela is a Romanian vampire hunter. The story begins in Scotland as Mihaela searches for the vampire named Gavin, a Romanian responsible for the death of her family. She'd been searching the world for this vampire for almost twenty years, hate and vengeance as her only emotions, leaving little to no room for much else…especially love. While she’s out following a lead, she stumbles across a young boy, Robbie, being chased by a gang of vampires. Trailing him leads her to the man she came for, but it also introduces her to yet another controversial vampire figure from her past, the rebellious, but handsomely outcast Maximillian.

He returns to his adoptive, but abusive parents. That is until the drunkard rebel vampire with several causes, Maximillian, enters the picture. Apparently in a previous series based on these characters he saved Mihaela from Gavin. This time she has to save his life, something Maximillian thoroughly enjoyed. Soon, the vampire hunters, their enemies, the vampires who belong to the lead vampire, Saloman’s Alliance, and a host of other characters come together, all fighting to save the world from Gavin’s destructive plans.

Maximillian is a vampire with drinking habit. He also sleeps in a lighthouse and draws psychological versions of people in sketches. Due to his past betrayals among the vampire Saloman's Alliance group he's working to rebuild his image and discover himself along the way.  Enter Mihaela, the loner, who was taken in and trained by the vampire hunters at a very early age. She and Maximillian are both psychologically damaged, so they’re attraction to each other is a natural one. But can they work beyond the trust issues in order to fight for the same cause: saving the world from evil vampires with ambitious, but terrible plans for humanity?

**Small spoiler alert**

What I enjoyed:

1. Maximillian the vampire artist. Everything about this character was poetic. From the way he looked to his hobbies to the way he talked about Mihaela. Sentences like this one: "It's rare to find someone who looks more threatened by having her life saved than by the prospect of it being taken." 

2. Mihaela's feelings toward Robbie. (The maternal instinct in me, I guess)

3. Max's lighthouse tomb. Seriously, what vampire has a tomb in an old lighthouse? Very cool.

4. The cool vampire compass that connected supernatural creatures and people through common interests. (You’ll have to read it to understand this one)

5. Max's overall sexiness-I mean the steamy scenes in this one aren't for the faint of heart. But the author handles them with finesse without getting too juvenile with descriptions.
6. The humans in this novel: Elizabeth, Istvan, Konrad, Cyn, and Robbie have some type of supernatural gene which balances out the paranormal aspect so that it doesn't become one-sided and hard to believe.

7. The unique interaction between humans and vampires was different from other stories about vampires that I've read. It added depth and mystery to the overall tone and is part of what kept me turning the pages at 1:30a.m. 

9. This was a book that I couldn't put down and that's not something that happens to me as often as it used to due to a cluttered schedule. 

What I didn't enjoy:

1.   Max leaving Mihaela for what he considered to be her own sake...aka douche alert.

2. Mihaela's fickle characteristics. One minute she's tough as nails, the very next second almost, she's putty in the hands of her enemy. She confused me a bit at times. For her age she was very angsty almost as if she were a teenager. By the end of the novel, she makes up for it though. The author does a fine job portraying her growth in my opinion.

Overall, Blood Guilt worked very well for me because I'm not generally a fan of vampire books. But a well written and intriguing storyline will pull me in and hold me through to the end. And that's what Ms. Treanor's story did. There were exotic locales, memorable characters, intriguing lead vampires, a satisfying ending, and just enough steam factor between the two main characters to keep the story exciting. I'd recommend this to any paranormal romance fan and even those readers like me who usually lean toward angel books.

Well done Ms. Treanor. My rating: 4 wings. 


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