Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing Morbid Seraphic by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing

“Publishing for the Darkest of Hearts”

If you haven’t already heard, there’s an intriguing new publisher on the horizon. They are called Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing, owned by Sarah Jane Davis. Is that not a super cool brand name? If you take time to browse through their catalogue, you’ll find intriguing covers, a wealth of diverse stories ranging from ghostly to angelic to the sinister & vampiric. And with a motto like publishing for the darkest of hearts, I have no doubt that the stories presented to readers will live up to such a claim.

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have a chance to chat with the charming owner, S.J. Davis. I sent her a note on goodreads and told her that I was going to submit my short story for her consideration. I was so excited that I didn’t stop to think how I probably shouldn’t be stalking publishers online and spamming them. But Ms. Davis took it all in good stride and politely responded to my email. Later, I thought: “Wow. Next time you really should go through the proper channels.” 

On May 1st, CHBB Publishing released Morbid Seraphic, the second of two hypnotic anthologies containing a collection of wonderfully written stories. This brings me to the exciting introduction of the Seraphine Muse’s first official spotlight week. Over the next six days, you will get to meet a different author from the Morbid Seraphic collection. There’ll be interviews, excerpts, bios…the good stuff. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win an epic swag pack that contains: a paperback copy of Morbid Seraphic and the Dark Light anthology, bookmarks, a gorgeous CHBB pen (to make your blogger friends jealous), a $10 gift card to either Barnes&Noble or Amazon, and one last surprise that will be revealed at the end of the contest. Is that an awesome swag pack, or what? So hit the button that says “Spotlight on CHBB Publishing” and let’s get the party started with an interview from Nathan Squires’s. 

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