Friday, April 13, 2012

The War Between B&N and Amazon and the Copper Suns' Release Day Bomb

Hello Fallen Friends!

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has joined my blog and decided to follow it. I appreciate you greatly. I want you to be the first to know that a redesigned, very hip version is in the making. I cannot WAIT to reveal it for you all. Plus, the content will change. There'll be more author interviews (some really big surprise names in there too, btw), more writing tips, advice, links. I just hope to make it all a more pleasant experience for you all. Or course, super awesome giveaways of the best books (be them indie or traditionally published) will continue. You all make this journey into my love of books so pleasant. I heart each one of you dearly.

Now, on to the subject of my stress. The release of When Copper Suns Fall's expanded edition has been delayed. Sigh sigh. Why? There seems to be a war going on between Amazon and BandNoble at the moment. BarnesandNoble recently ran a promo for me, helping me get the word out by offering a free copy of WCSF. Well just when I assume Amazon isn't interested in participating in anything like that, they make the book go free on the new version's release day!!! Argh!

Looking at the good side of things, I've gotten the word out about Copper Suns. It's been on the bestseller list on Amazon for the last 3 days. Yay! The bad side is that I have to move the expanded edition's release date out about a week. I'm being told by the Amazon gurus that they'll remove it from the free promo list when "the other competitor removes it from theirs". Hm. I wonder who that might be? Although I love both BandN and Amazon, the war between them has caused me to be in a state of low-level stress. But in the end, my readers will get to know me and my story. At the end of the day, that's what counts the most.

Yours in Prose,


Tina B said...

Good luck with the new version release! Hopefully the stop causing you headaches soon. :)

KaSonndra Leigh said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for the encouragement. I did finally get it all straightened out. And the new release seems to be going over well with people. Yay! :-D

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