Monday, April 23, 2012

Reviews and News from the Seraphine Muse

Hello Fallen Friends, By now I hope you've all had the chance to see the new design of my little angel blog. As the lovely and talented designer Livia of Butterfly-O-Meter Designs put it..."It's smexy!" LOL. Not only is it smexy, but it's also functional and filled with eye candy. I want you all to enjoy your experience when stopping by to see me. So as the subtitle says, this blog will be a collection of the fabulously creative ones. In the upcoming weeks there'll be author interviews, reader interviews (ah something different, right?) cover reveals, indie author spotlights, the ocasional book review and of course even more fabulous giveaways. Bear with me over the next few days as I work to finish tweaking my smexy blog. And authors if you're looking for interviews then shoot me an email. Also, readers I'm looking for you. Are you obsessed with a particular book boyfriend? Do you never sleep because life feels incomplete without a book in your hands? Do you have a funny reading experience story to share? Then I'm looking for you. And so are a lot of people out there in the world. Because this world of words is mostly about the reader before anything else. Leave me some feedback on what you all think of the blog. No, I don't have anything to give up this time if you do, but I'd appreciate hearing about unique things you'd like to see happen. Until then, keep your head in the book clouds. Yours in Prose, KaSonndra


Cecilia M. said...

Wow! and wow again! Liv did a fantastic job. I LOVE this layout, Kay::)

KaSonndra Leigh said...

She did a FANTASTIC job! Thank you so very much for introducing me to her. I've just got to finish tweaking a few things and we're all set for the grand opening! LoL

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